The positive Nitpicker

Is your website working FOR you or AGAINST you? If you’re not making enough sales or converting enough users, it may be because of crappy copy, bad stock photos, poor load time, terrible UX.

Don’t worry – we’ll find the culprit ASAP (or within 72 work-day hours, you get the point).

Adriana teams up with the awesome Idunn web designer and UX expert to bring you the report that will get you converting like mad. We’re both nitpickers. But we don’t do it to annoy you. We do it to help you meet your goals. We’re positive like that.

Why Buy?

You don’t get a simple report that outlines what you’re doing wrong. We’re not here to scold you. You also get:

  • Actionable tips and tricks on how to improve your UX to get your readers to come back — and buy!
  • SEO health check and recommendations on what to do to get found by the RIGHT peeps aka the ones that are likely to become your top high rollers
  • Our insights on how to tweak your sales pages and opt-in forms to get people to buy, subscribe or download (spoiler alert: sometimes it’s as simple as changing colors).
  • Our top strategies on how to improve your copy so you hook readers and get them to throw money at ya – because you’re great at what you do!
  • Strategic tips on improving your offers and CTAs so your readers scream: “Shut up and take my money!”
  • Thorough analysis of your mission-critical web pages and how to improve them.

Price: $430


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