The Sherlock Holmes call


One-on-one 60 minutes call with Adriana.

AHA (Ask Her Anything) – and get your A-HA moments.

Why Buy?

I typically charge $2500+ for marketing strategies. In the Sherlock Holmes package, you do part of the work – ask the right questions and take your own notes. Just like a famous detective. In exchange, you pay 10 times less.

Schedule your one-on-one call to:

  • Refine your message
  • Boost your online sales by as much as 500% *historical estimate
  • Get tips on doing the RIGHT kind of SEO – the kind that brings sales, not just meaningless traffic and vanity metrics
  • Learn how to productize your services
  • Get my insights and tips on persuasion, world-class copywriting, and marketing that doesn’t break the bank but meets business goals
  • Refine sales pages, opt-in forms and nail that CTA that helps your conversion rates soar
  • Turn your website and social media profiles into well-oiled cash machines
  • Get recommendations of tools for social media, SEO, keyword research that can help – all price-conscious

Marketing strategy, social media, branding, copywriting, goal alignment, expanding to new markets – we can talk about whatever floats your boat. Just let me know in advance, OK? All you need to do is the detective work. Prepare your awesome questions — and I’ll have awesome answers to them.

Price: $380


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